We have to be careful and not do things to please man instead of God when He elevates us to a leadership position. That was Saul’s main problem.

As Leaders we must not get ahead of God and react to situations because in our eyes, we think God is not moving fast enough or not at all. This was Saul’s problem as well.

As Leaders we must follow God’s instructions fully. God desires obedience more then sacrificing. This was also Saul’s problem.

As Leaders we must understand that our actions have a far more reaching affect then others. It can and will affect not only the people God has called us to lead, but most damaging is our immediate family (spouse and children). It can cause our children to walk a cursed life even unto death. This was also an issue that Saul had.

As Leaders we can even change or hinder the destiny of our children. This was Saul’ s problem too. The kingship of Israel should have been passed to Jonathon. Instead it went to his best friend David.

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